As it seems to be with all popular pieces of software, there are several major misconceptions a lot of our Melbourne clients seem to have regarding WordPress.

1. WordPress is just a free blog that anyone can sign up for

Reality: WordPress is actually open source content management software. The sky is the limit when developing WordPress websites or applications. It can almost be thought of as a web framework.

2. WordPress is insecure, and your website will get hacked

Reality: Any piece of software can be hacked if it’s not configured correctly. WordPress should be configured by an experienced professional.

3. All WordPress sites look the same

Reality: WordPress powers almost 50% of all of the current websites on the internet. A large majority of those will buy pre-designed “themes” to save costs. This doesn’t mean that your WordPress site has to look the same. WordPress sites have no limitations on how they look.

4. WordPress has poor performance

Reality: Does a cars engine run well without being serviced? WordPress requires configuration and maintenance to perform well and handle high traffic, usually by an experienced developer.

5. WordPress can’t be very good if it’s free

Reality: Almost all of the worlds infrastructure runs on free software. Free & open source software usually outperforms commercial software, and it’s written by some of the most talented and influential people in software.